Life-Sized Sculptures Project

The following pictures document the process involved in creating a life-sized bronze sculpture.
New photos will be posted as steps of the process are completed.

Original clay sculpture

Begin mold making: remove
arms/basket, shim to part molds

Apply mold material, several layers

Apply plaster mother shell

Remove sections of mold

Negative of face and torso

Multiple molds for single figure

Begin wax work: Paint/slush
wax positive for each mold

Assemble sections, chase waxes

Sprue and vent before ceramic
shell application

Begin ceramic shell work:
Dip in liquid binder...

Dust with sand

Apply multiple coats of ceramic shell

Begin casting: load shell into kiln,
melt out wax to produce hollow vessel

Melt and prep bronze

Pour metal into empty
ceramic shell molds

Knock off ceramic shell

Sandblast remaining shell

Rough chase individual castings

Begin assembly: line up and
tack weld castings

Weld seams between castings

Grind/chase seams of joined figure

Grind/chase seams of joined basket

Align figure, arms, and basket

Tack weld to secure position

Weld all seams

Finish chasing

Installation photos coming soon...

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