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The art of casting bronze involves a number of detailed steps, as documented below. While new materials and technologies are available today, the process is much the same as it has been for centuries.


sculpting services  

Sculpting services ...
Before a sculpture can be cast in bronze, it must be sculpted. Most often, sculptures are sculpted in clay, but many artists prefer to work in other materials including wax, plaster, wood, and stone.

If you have an idea for a sculpture you would like to create, or if you need help finishing an existing project, Justin can help you.


Mold making...
Molds capture the shape of nearly any object and the detail of nearly any surface. They are the first step in reproducing any object and can be for one-time use or for high-volume production work.

The original sculptures shown in our gallery were created in wax and a mold was never made; therefore, these sculptures are one-of-a-kind.


Wax chasing... 
After a mold is made, wax is poured into the mold to create a "positive" of the original sculpture. Wax must be poured several times to achieve the desired thickness, and then must be sculpted (or chased ) to recreate the detail of the original sculpture.


After a wax positive of the sculpture has been created, it must be dipped several times in slurry to create a hard ceramic shell. After several days of this process, the entire shell is placed into a kiln, where the wax is melted out of the shell, leaving a negative space. 


The empty shell now becomes a vessel into which bronze is poured. Once the bronze cools, the shell is broken away from the bronze, revealing the sculpture. At this point, the bronze must be refined even further through welding, grinding, and polishing. 


Applying patina...
When the metal chasing is complete and the desired quality has been achieved, the sculpture is ready for patination. The patina process involves the application of a chemical solution that enhances the color of the bronze. A wide variety of patinas can be applied.