Begin 04/01/10 - JJ the Orphaned Baby Grey Whale Project

The following pictures document the process involved in creating a life-sized bronze sculpture of JJ the Orphaned Baby Grey Whale
sculpted by D. Lynn Reeves for the Friends of La Jolla to be installed at Kellog Park in La Jolla, California.
New photos will be posted as steps of the process are completed.

Click here to read a La Jolla Light article about the project and to watch a video of JJ being delivered to the studio.

Original clay sculpture being delivered to BronzeArtwork

Begin mold making: shimming to prepare for mold making

Shimming completed

Applying mold material, several layers

More mold making

Silicon rubber application completed

Building plaster shell to support silicon rubber

Plaster shell nearly complete

Painting wax on molds to reproduce clay original in wax


Silicon rubber mold, negative of original sculpture

Wax positive pulled from mold

Several waxes sprued/vented and ready for ceramic shell

Ceramic shell, coating with binder

Ceramic shell, applying sand

Ceramic shell, drying between each coat


Removing shell from kiln

Placing shell in sand pit

Pouring bronze


First bronze castings

More bronze castings

Refining metal before assembly


Bronze assembly begins

Welding bronze sections

Assembly continues

Stainless steel armature assembly


Assembly half way complete

Only two panels left...

Internal welding

Two panels remaining

Final panel welded on, sculpture is sealed.

Welding and assembly finished

All metal work complete


Patina application begins

Hot patina application in progress

Hand burnishing patina finish

Patina nearly complete

Finished sculpture